Aug 19

Russell Simmons – The Mogul of White Supremacy

Could you imagine a comedy skit about your mother being beaten? Most people wouldn’t find that funny but Russell Simmons did. So much so that he took the mother of Black liberation in America, Harriet Tubman, and chose to portray her as a fat Aunt Jemaima who records herself having sex with her slavemaster. Most people would call this a sick joke but Simmons saw it as a funny one. When he saw that not even the NAACP was laughing he issued a non-apologetic apology on his website where he lauds himself as being a “liberal person with thick skin”. So he’s saying everyone who didn’t find humor in his depicting Harriet Tubman as having sex with the man who beat her daily, even as a child, as “thin skinned” people. So we’re all just “overly sensitive” while he and those who can laugh at slavery the way he does are the truly enlightened among us. I can only imagine what he’d do if that had been his own great great grandmother. Possibly sell tickets on HBO?
There’s so much wrong with a personality who claims to represent contemporary Black thought in music today, particularly of young Black people, and yet he has such seething hatred of Black people that he would try to desecrate one of our icons in a manner that would make any Klansman envious. And in case anyone thought his “sex tape” skit was just a fluke and not part of larger pattern of behavior, just this morning Simmons took to Twitter to declare he had gone to see the latest buckdancing movie, The Butler, from the king of self hating Black directors, Lee Daniels. He proudly announced he has seen the movie, not once, but twice.


He’s making it clear he is against Black people having self respect and he is here to lead the charge to take us back to Jim Crow. I’m sure his white handlers whom he’s trying to impress with his attack on Black people are proud of their minion being so dedicated. I guess this is the return on their investment; your soul.
No word yet if Simmons next skit will be about Ann Frank having sex with Nazis and sending the footage to her friends to giggle over or the mirthful hijinks on the concentration camps. But we’ll keep you posted.

Aug 12

The Mother and Messiah – What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jaleesa Martin

The national media is running to the defense of Jaleesa Martin, a 22 year old woman in Tennessee who wants to give her son the name “Messiah”. A judge has denied her request and named her son “Martin” instead. While the corporate media has decided to ignore the rest of the story The Black Channel has gone in-depth digging into the background of Jaleesa Martin in search of the answers behind why and how and single mother wants to name her son such a name as well as what kind of person would do that. And what we found was WHOLE bigger story than the national media has told ANYONE.

Aug 11

Black “Power”?

The city of Philadelphia is 50% Black. The city of Philadelphia has long been a seething cauldron of racial hate going back to the story of Mother Bethel church. And apparently Philadelphia wide receiver Riley Cooper just couldn’t take it anymore. So when he was comfortable in his element at a Kenny Chesney concert he felt free enough to blast the word “nigger” in front of a crowd of people after a supposed altercation with Black security guards at the concert.

In perhaps the most dismaying display of racial kowtowing, we have witnessed as Stephen A. Smith tucked his tail between his legs and acquiesced to a white supremacist atmosphere and began making deflections to take attention off of Riley Cooper’s racism and tried to blame the victims and put the focus on Black people instead. And it was left up to Skip Bayless, of all people, to voice the truth of what should have been said about Riley and what the team should have done with him: dismiss him.

When you come to a Black team in a Black city with a Black fanbase and you proceed to offend, not just the players, but every single Black person on the face of the planet by openly declaring to the world that you use the language of the slavemaster then you are no longer fit to be a part of that city and certainly not fit to remain a part of that team. But Stephen A. Smith, fresh off his buffoonery-fest of swooning over Kim Kardashian (of all people) decided that Charles Barkley was getting too comfortable with the title of “Biggest Sambo” and Smith needed to challenge Barkley for the crown. It’s one thing for people to hold you down. But it is totally reprehensible for you to lay down for someone who has called you a nigger and then try to minimize what they did and actually try to case aspersions on Black people. But I guess big time media jobs are sparse and Stephen Smith isn’t going to let anyone in corporate management make a case for why he should be voted off the island. We will keep this in mind the next time Stephen tries to speak for Black people about racism when it’s pointed in his own direction. We will remind him that we’re following his lead and blaming the victim.

Aug 06

The Rico Gray Interview In Its Entirety

Aug 4th we had the first live interview anywhere with Rico Gray, the husband if Marissa Alexander. After CNN’s Anderson Cooper gave a false and misleading story about what happened in the Marissa Alexander case, Rico Gray gave an exclusive interview where he told us, at length, the events that led to Marissa shooting at him and his kids, all the false accusations and unethical behavior of the national media and reveals photos and documents that he says prove th media has been lying about him and Marissa’s case all along.


Aug 04

Rico Gray – The Unauthorized Story


Rico with his child Rhianna after Marissa gave birth

America has a sophisticated form of assassination. They don’t just kill your body. They murder your memory. And Rico Gray knows this all too well. He’s witnessed as a little known story of his wife shooting at him and his kids was seized upon in the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman for murdering Trayvon Martin. And as a result he has watched as the national media has tried to paint him as every conceivable evil one could imagine. But this is the same American media that ran to George Zimmerman’s defense. So why would they jump on the story of Marissa Alexander? Maybe this has less to do with a story and much more to do with a target. For the first time anywhere, tonight we will be speaking one on one with Rico Gray about what happened that night, what’s happened since and what is the real story of what occurred between him and Marissa Alexander that led to the media sensationalizing it. Listen live at

Aug 02

The Next Trayvon

Why isn’t the media discussing the murder of Jordan Russell Davis? Perhaps for the same reason they didn’t want to talk about the murder of Darius Simmons, the 13 year old who’s white neighbor gunned the child down on video and then attempted to also murder Darius’s older brother as he knelt over Darius’s dying body because he mistakenly thought they he stolen guns from his house. The media was ready and prepared to pounce on the case of Trayvon Martin and we now realize this was because they had decided in qn astounding heinous act that they would portray the child as the villain and the killer as the victim. The media began the process of character assassination of a 17 year old while they totally ignored the criminal record of a proven serial offender in George Zimmerman. The new strategy today is actually the same old playbook: if the victim is a Black male then the media will behave as if the Black male is on trial. Any way they can smear his name to make it seem like “well, he probably had it coming”, they will pull it out. That was why focusing on Rachel Jeantell was so important to them. But that strategy won’t work in the Russell Davis murder. There was no hoodie to make “thug” references to. There was no school record to make devious implications about. No drugs. No walking down n the streets in a white neighborhood. The media isn’t talking about Jordan Russell Davis because there isn’t any way they can attack the victim in order to maintain white privilege. On the other hand, Davis’ killer, Michael Dunn would appear to be an ideal archetype to replicate their Zimmerman strategy with but the wheels very quickly came off the bandwagon as soon as Dunn killed Davis. Unlike Zimmerman there were witnesses. The media couldn’t create a cover story for Dunn. And his behavior after the shooting was so egregious that CNN and ABC didn’t even attempt to rationalize it away. After Dunn murdered Davis, he and his girlfriend fled the scene. When they returned to their hotel they both ordered pizza and walked their dog while they watched the horror unfold on the tv and wondered if they should tell police who had killed the 17 year old child in cold blood. There is very little difference between Michael Dunn And George Zimmerman. Both are killers who had practiced how they would handle being prepared to gun someone down at a moment’s notice. They both have vigilante fantasies and were looking for targets of opportunity and both chose what they saw as the individuals who society would least care about: Black males. In the case of George Zimmerman he was right. In the case of Michael Dunn we’ll see if history is going to repeat itself.


Dec 17

Unarmed Children Gunned Down

Last week in Newport, CT an individual who can only be described as a monster walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and gunned Down over two dozen people, mostly young children, before finally killing himself. Such a depraved act of callous mass murder has stunned the nation and even brought President Barack Obama to tears. It has been a heartbreaking event. Anyone who isn’t saddened by this isn’t human.
It reminds me of the OTHER unarmed innocents gunned Down by the dozens every year around this country. They are Black males. They are killed for the sin of being Black. The national media doesn’t hold Breaking News alerts for them. The president doesn’t cry for them. They aren’t treated as innocents. In fact few are usually investigated by the media as somehow contributing to their own deaths. If any national media outlet did that in light of the Newport shootings they would face a ferocious public backlash from all quarters. But treating unarmed Black males like this is standard practice for the media and politicians. No wonder police and now even common civilians who want to commit a hate crime feel they can do so with impunity. I am deeply saddened for the tremendous loss of children in Newport, CT. i only wish the OTHER innocent, unarmed children got this type of sympathy and outrage for what happens every day.

Dec 13

The Last Days Of The Dope Game

The American drug trade has been the most insidious weapon used against Black society. Not just because its been used by both the federal and local governments to destroy us from the outside but also because of its hideous ability to destroy us from the inside by encouraging Black people to participate in their own destruction by profiting from selling drugs to their own people. White owned media companies promoted glamourizing being a drug dealer in the Black community and many Black males, encouraged by their single, unmarried mothers, were lured by promises of quick riches. And the prison industrial complex of The United States has use this as the prime reason to incarcerate Black males ever since. But this hasn’t mattered to the ones who’ve tried their hand at the Dope game. It seemed like an easy way to get money and women. And the fact that the government wanted to keep it that way seemed to guarantee it would remain a highly profitable venture for those willing to take the risk of being a drug dealer.
But all that is about to change.
On Dec 10th, the prohibition on marijuana was lifted in the state of Colorado and with it the need to go to illegal sources for the drug. As early as next year (which is less than three weeks away) the Colorado legislature expects to have regulations drafted to regulate commercial sales of weed in the state. What that will mean is that long time merchants of death like R.J. Reynolds and other cigarette companies, as well as more reputable retailers like Wal-Mart will be able to capitalize on legal sales of marijuana to their current customers. Once massive discount retailers and huge tobacco companies go into competition for their piece of the drug market the local, jobless high school dropout won’t be able to fallback on dope dealing as a career choice. So you can really think of marijuana legalization as the “Dumb Black Male Impoverishment Act” because it will eradicate petty drug sales as a possible income source. What this will mean is that in order to make money in the drug trade these people will have to engage in trafficking harder substances like cocaine and heroin which carry far stiffer penalties. So white corporations will now reap the profits while Black males will be relegated to risking their lives (in jail or in the streets) trying to peddle the most dangerous substances.
And when, eventually, drugs are completely legalized it will be the end of easy money for dumb Black males and their admirers. They’re going to start feeling the pain within the next calendar year as weed sales dry up and all the remaining competition becomes more vicious as they all fight for the scraps of hard drug sales that remain. Those who try to move up from “The Weed Man” status to “King of Cocaine” will find themselves going head to head with the Mexican cartels and Federal agents with more free time to pursue hem now that they no longer have to chase weed sales.
Being dumb has always been hard. Now its about to become downright dangerous.

Dec 13